Old Man Yells At Blogosphere

A recent Trichordist rant by David Lowery shows just exactly what is wrong with the entire site, and indeed with Lowery’s entire thought process regarding copyright and artists’ rights. That rant is called You Can’t Have A Have A Healthy Market Economy Without Property Rights. Why Do So Many In Tech Blogosphere Want To Abolish Cyber Property Rights And Cripple The Cyber-Economy?

It is chock-full of wrong. Not just factual wrongness (though it has plenty of that), but wrongness at a very fundamental level. It is a rant that is the result of someone who is completely incapable of understanding anything that he doesn’t agree with. Not because he’s stupid – he’s not – but because comprehension would require considering a fundamental shift in his long-held, near-religious beliefs. Whenever he runs across a conflicting worldview, his brain simply shuts down.

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