The Trichordist’s War On Rethink Music

On July 14th of this year, Rethink Music released a report called “Fair Music: Transparency And Payment Flows In The Music Industry.” The report is available to anyone who provides a name and email address, and can be downloaded here:

Rethink Music is an initiative of the Berklee College of Music, specifically their Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. Their goal is to explore options in the music business; they’re hardly anti-copyright crusaders, and their focus is on working artists.

Yet, the Trichordist has spent multiple blog posts attacking them. In the end, their attitude seems to be this: “You don’t attack digital music services enough, so we’ll attack you.” And in the process, Trichordist made many claims that were misleading, and sometimes downright bizarre.

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Is Google Still Honoring Takedown Requests For Non-Infringing Material?

On October 10, username “davidclowery” (which, I’ll assume, is actually David Lowery) posted an article on the Trichordist called Is Google still serving ads on illegal sites? Lowery’s intent was obviously to slander Google, again, as a “piracy machine.” Instead, he inadvertently showed yet another example of widespread DMCA abuse by copyright holders.

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Old Man Yells At Blogosphere

A recent Trichordist rant by David Lowery shows just exactly what is wrong with the entire site, and indeed with Lowery’s entire thought process regarding copyright and artists’ rights. That rant is called You Can’t Have A Have A Healthy Market Economy Without Property Rights. Why Do So Many In Tech Blogosphere Want To Abolish Cyber Property Rights And Cripple The Cyber-Economy?

It is chock-full of wrong. Not just factual wrongness (though it has plenty of that), but wrongness at a very fundamental level. It is a rant that is the result of someone who is completely incapable of understanding anything that he doesn’t agree with. Not because he’s stupid – he’s not – but because comprehension would require considering a fundamental shift in his long-held, near-religious beliefs. Whenever he runs across a conflicting worldview, his brain simply shuts down.

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