My sympathies for Zoë Keating on her loss

I haven’t posted much here recently. However, one of the articles I was working on was about the disagreement between Zoë Keating and YouTube, in advance of the launch of their Music Key service. (Tl;dr version: Google’s terms are not good, but neither are they “bullying” or a “shakedown,” as the anti-Google crowd has said.)

This is not that article.

Last Thursday (the 19th), Keating’s husband died from complications related to his cancer. I don’t know Keating personally, but I’ve always respected her outlook and attitude. I can only imagine the horrible things she must be going through right now.

So, I want to convey my sympathies to her, and to members of her and her husband’s family.

If you feel the same, then please consider donating to her, to help her and her family get through this trying time. Keating has set up a “donate” button on her website:

Once again, my condolences.


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